Subject:  Notebook Paper and Printing Instructions  Name:  Michael E. Ousley
    Date:  School:  Any Public School




A Teacher's Request for a Plain Sheet of  Notebook Paper




      You would think with all our technology a simple plain sheet of notebook paper  
  would not be an unreasonable request.  My wife had used her last sheet of paper  
  and did not want to travel to the store at eleven o'clock at night to obtain a pack of  
  notebook paper, so she asked me if I could design her a sheet of notebook paper   
  from the computer.  Working with web site designs, I thought this would be a  
  great opportunity to provide not only my wife with a "plain" sheet of notebook  
  paper but I could make it world wide, where everyone would have the ability  
  to print their own paper, with lines and borders meeting the specifications within  
  the limited parameters of paper, printers, web connections, hosting, servers, and  
  our own knowledge of using our "computers".  
      Feeling very pleased with myself, I announced to my wife that I had designed a  
  sheet of notebook paper on the internet and gave her the web location.  This is no  
  small feat, considering the exacting requirements of measuring, testing, printing,  
  positioning the lines and borders to the exact pixel location.  Even the sizing of the  
  pixels and resolution of the pixels have to be considered and as I found out have to  
  be alternated to accomplish the task.  
       My wife goes to the computer, prints the page and returns with two red lines.  
  She asked, "Why do I see only two red lines?"  After studying the issue a moment,  
  I proudly announced that she had the background printing feature turned off on her  
  computer.  "What do you mean I have the background feature turned off?", she  
  replied.  I went to her computer and turned on the background printing from her  
  internet options and presto, there appeared the needed "blue" lines for the  
  paper.  She printed the page again and I noticed that it came out with the sides cut  
  off.  I informed her she didn't have her page margins set correctly.  The next  
  question was "How do I set my margins?"   I showed her how to specify her  
  margin settings.  Quarter inch margins, no header or footer and the printer will  
  default the bottom.  With the margins set, she printed the page, looked up and said,  
  "This is college rule, I needed plain."  Surely, people wondered why at one o'clock  
  in the morning,  I was buying a package of notebook paper.  Click here for plain.